Love on Fire Ministries created to address the lack of attention to love relations in the Body of Christ. Apostle Charissee Lewis believes in love and marriage in the Kingdom and she saw that there was a need to address the lack of guidance in this area of ministry.

Love on Fire Ministries purpose is to destroy the religious undertones and ridged teaching on marriage, sex, dating and singlehood. She has written a manual discussing the many issues that arise in marriage and she exposes the traps, snare and plots that the enemy uses against God’s people in ministry.

Our mission is to bring clarity through the word of God and provide clarity on the many questions that believers have regarding this area of ministry. We hold monthly Love on Fire nights where singles, married couples, widowed, and divorced come together in an open forum to get real about matters of the heart! We teach on various topics including:

Blended Families
Pre-Martial Counsel
Sex and Christianity
Martial Counsel…and more

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