… Signs
… And wonders.”

Some people’s calling in life came quite simple: they had a gift or a passion and they pursued it. But for 19-year-old singer/songwriter/producer Rudy Lewis Jr., heaven, literally, came down. “My mother bought me drums when I was 3,” Rudy, who was raised in a very spiritual home, says. “But when I was 6 I asked God to send an angel. So one night I snuck upstairs in my house and starting playing on the keyboard. Suddenly, I saw this angel playing the keyboard with me, showing me which keys to push.”

The angel spoke to Rudy: “I’ll show you how to play.” 6-year-old Rudy didn’t hesitate: “Okay, I’ll follow you.’” Within a few days, Rudy had learned how to play the keyboard, at an almost virtuosic level, completely by ear.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Rudy grew up in a matrix of sound. His cousin is the outspoken Billboard chart topper and controversial reality TV star Deitrick Haddon. His grandfather was a doo-wop guitarist. "Music for my family? It's like walls to a house,” Rudy, who stands at a towering 6’4, says. “It covers us, it keeps us warm at night, it's what we eat, what we sleep." 
His crew, 2Chozen, consists of teenagers that does everything from play drums, to dance. "I wasn't looking for diehard church folk,” he says of 2Chozen. “I was looking for talent. I want to be as strong as the Muslims were back in the Civil Rights times— they stuck together. As a Christian, I want to be able to do that.” Along with the EP, Rudy— who creates his own album art and does his own photography— is also in the process of finalizing his soon-to-be-titled urban apparel line, which he says is going to be “me taking my mind of style and putting it on hangers— different cut type hoodies with studs, diamond-out jackets, and hats." His mission in life is not just to create music, but to bring young people all across the nation back to the greatest revolutionary to ever come through the womb of a woman. ”Jesus. I'm not afraid of the gospel of Jesus Christ, because what's He's done for me? This is what I'm going to do for Him: I'm going to show Him off.”

This passion of Christ has fueled Rudy’s highly anticipated full length EP entitled Unashamed, set to be released under Rudy’s indie label Kingdom Music Group. The album features music with depth meaning and purpose, twisting drum patterns designed to make even the most unbelieving skeptic open to the possibilities of another world. Featuring the lead single “M.S.W (Miracles Signs and Wonders),” an R&B style homage to the reality of the supernatural life that Rudy’s so accustomed to, Rudy wants to do more than just create a music career that challenges mainstream formality: he wants to create an entire empire of likeminded young visionaries that creates their own art and make their own rules.          

Overall, Rudy wants to usher in a new kind of sound for the generation that would never step foot into a church building. “Young people don't have an outlet anymore,” he says. “And my outlet is not going to be for everybody, everyone is not going to be into it. But I just want to be known as a person who allows free worship. All I want people to see is I'm young, I have passion, and I can rock.”


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