The Men of Purpose Ministry is a ministry exclusively for men for the development of kingdom men. Men of Purpose meets twice a month, where men come together to confront issues  that hinder the Christian man from growing in his kingdom walk. Through the word of God and prayer the Men of Purpose are able to share strategies and wisdom to conquer the onslaughts of satan in their daily lives. Men of Purpose  will deal with topics like

1.) Transitioning From The World Into The Kingdom
2.) Making Of A Kingdom Man

3.) Man & Money
4.) Becoming A Better Husband And Father
5.) Pornography
6.) The Man And Addictions
7.) Tithes And Offerings
8.) Kingdom Man In Business
9.) Kingdom Mandate
10.) Insecurities

This ministry is dedicated to helping men be the godly men God calls us to be. A godly man serves his family, church, and he is a godly example to your wife and children. The mission of the men's ministry is to provide men with resources to develop godly character, and to equip them to influence their world for Christ.

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